My Story

I am a proud stay-at-home wife and mommy, which has always been my dream. In April of 2014, I decided that becoming a Scentsy Lady would be a great way to continue living my dream, but maybe make it even better!

I now make extra money every month to help contribute to my family's income, all while being able to stay home with my son and get him to all of his therapy appointments. I work my business around my schedule, rather than working my schedule around my business.

But, even above and beyond the fact that Scentsy helps out financially.... IT'S FUN!! It gives me something that is just for ME, which is priceless gift as a wife and mother. I've made wonderful friends that I never would have had the opportunity to meet otherwise. We have the best team page on Facebook, and the best team meetings periodically. We're truly a family! I also had the opportunity to make a bucket list trip to Nashville last year for our Scentsy Family Reunion. We stayed at a resort hotel, which I've never had the opportunity to do in my life, got to do sightseeing, had a FREE private concert at the Grand Ol Opry (!!!!!), and also got a lot of wonderful training. I'm so thankful to Scentsy for giving me the opportunity to take a trip I would've never been able to take otherwise.

Thank you so much for visiting my page! Feel free to contact me with any questions! God Bless!

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